2004 Toyota Avalon Timing Belt and Water Pump

Well, it’s that time again…
Actually, I haven’t done the timing belt on this Avalon yet, but I have done many other Avalons and a Solara and an RX 300 that all have the same 1MZ-FE V6 3.0L engine.
Here is the kit I plan on using from Amazon:

The reason I chose this kit, is because it uses the Aisin water pump (OEM), and the Koyo bearings (Also OEM)
Not to mention, it comes with the necessary metal water pump gasket. The felt/paper gaskets are a pain, and a lot of times they don’t seal unless you use a lot of RTV, and then if you need to do the job again, it’s very time consuming to clean and prep the mating surfaces.
If you’re going to take the time to do this job, I recommend replacing the camshaft and crankshaft oil seals as well. It’s not difficult to do, and it doesn’t take much more time to do it. I recommend using a shaft style seal puller like this one:

I also recommend a cam pulley holder tool. After using it one time, you will agree that it is totally worth it. I have tried different ways of holding the camshaft pulleys and have caused some damage to one of them in the past, along with shearing off the head of a rear timing belt cover bolt that I tried prying against.
This is the tool:

Here are the Toyota Seals you will also need for this job:

You will need two Camshaft seals Part #90311-38034

This link says it’s for a Lexus, but it’s the same seal on the Toyota. For some reason, Amazon has the Lexus one as being cheaper than the Toyota…

You will also need the crankshaft seal part # 90311-40022

And you might need to replace the drive belts as well:

Don’t forget you will be replacing the coolant too:

Just thought I would add that I needed to replace the coolant reservoir as well since it broke.

Coolant Reservoir for TOYOTA AVALON 2000-2004 Assembly

Also noticed this boot was torn when I was in there:

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