2008 Toyota Matrix How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter – DIY Video – Bosch HEPA Filter

2008 Toyota Matrix How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter – DIY Video – Bosch

Just another quick video showing how to replace your cabin air filter in a 2008 Toyota Matrix. This is very easy to do and requires only a phillips screwdriver. This is the same for many different models and years.

Here is a link to the part used in this video:

You should change the cabin air filter in your Toyota Matrix every 15,000 to 25,000 miles, or once a year.

A new filter will provide cleaner air in the passenger cabin. The outside air is full of pollen, dust, dirt and other contaminants

Replacing your cabin air filter in your Toyota Prius V will trap the contaminants before they enter the vehicle cabin, which allows the driver and/or passengers to breathe more healthy, refreshing air.

This is a very easy job. The cabin air filter sits behind the glove compartment. You can just lower the glove compartment by opening it, and on the side, you will notice a little strut that is attached to the plastic part of the glove box. This is easy to remove by removing the small phillips head screw that holds it in.
Now, you can press inward on both sides of the glove compartment to drop it down and access the cabin air filter cover.

Once the glove box is down out of the way, you can push the small tabs in on the side of the cover for the cabin air filter. (It’s the black horizontal rectangular cover, but you will see it in the video). Then, pull out the old filter and replace it with the new filter. Just note the air flow direction, and put the new cabin air filter in the same direction as the old one.
Now you can put the plastic cover in place and reposition the glove box where it snaps in below and push the glove box upwards until the sides snap into place.
And finally, you can reconnect the little strut by reinstalling the screw into the designated place on the glove box.

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